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Financial Planning

The Power of Planning

Do you know where you want to go? Do you know how to get there?

In our experience, many Americans wander through life, hoping it will go well for them. They don't plan to fail, but they do fail to plan. 

Then there are those that take life's steering wheel into their own hands. They create a plan with the help of experienced professionals and they work the plan. 

We believe those with a Financial Plan are much more likely to achieve the things in life they truly want, and are much less likely to be set back when life throws its worst at them. 

Don't just hope. Plan. We're here to show you how and help keep you on track. 

Our Process

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive planning will dive into all aspects of your finances and recommendation will be made for all areas.

Comprehensive Financial Plans are Fee-for-Service, generally ranging from $1,000 to $2,500+ depending on the complexity of your situation. Fees are charged for the time and experience put into the plan and the follow-up accountability. The Financial Planning relationship ends at plan delivery.

Our goal is to provide service of which the value is far above what you pay for it. We believe that when you are achieving more each year through the planning, discipline, and accountability we provide, we are confident that you will see the value in the service we provide.

Areas of Planning

Focused Financial Planning

Perhaps your situation is not very complex, or your budget right now simply won't allow you to engage in a comprehensive financial plan. Focused planning may be right for you.

A Focused Financial Plan allow us to focus on just few of the Areas of Financial Planning to help get you moving in the right direction. 

Focused Financial planning is a Fee-for-Service, typically ranging from $500-$1,200 the first year. 

With both Comprehensive Plans and Focused Financial Plan, recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial plan fee. Periodic reviews of your financial plan may require a new planning agreement and result in additional fees.

Transactional Planning

Perhaps you all you need is a review of your investment allocation in your retirement portfolio for a second opinion, or an insurance review to help ensure you are fully covered. Transactional planning may be right for you.

There is no fee-for-service for transactional planning, as commissions will be paid by insurance companies if insurance is put into place, and investment recommendations may be made that result in commissions or fees paid to the advisor. 

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